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My passion for photography has grown from my first encounter with a compact film camera, which kickstarted my passion for capturing anything, and everything.

I gained a lot of experience from using both this, and my second camera, a film SLR, but never got the quality of images I wanted until I upgraded to a Digital SLR.

I never leave the house without a camera... you never know when the perfect opportunity will arise. Even the most un-interesting of subjects can produce a stunning photo with the right light, or at an odd angle. I'm constantly looking for unique ways to photograph subjects I pass daily.

I have just finished studying A-Level photography and Art (National Diploma), which has helped with my technical knowlege of composition and perspective. Studying artists and photographers during this time has inspired me to venture into different aspects of photography, from abstract art, to traditional portraits.

Upon leaving sixth form I've decided to take my hobby to the next level, and am now accepting offers for professional shoots.

My first professional opportunity came when I was approached by Local artist Alistair Kennedy to take Photographs for his website during an Arts Holiday club.

More recently I've been comissioned to produce Family Portraits, samples of which can be seen in the gallery as well as helping the Sixth Form Namibia team raise money by setting up a studio.

Future work includes photographing the sports event for Abbot Beyne and working with the sixth form as a teacher assistant. I hope to exhibit a range of photographs of Landscapes in the near future in the local library. (if your interested in having an exhibtion with you, please get in contact with me)

I have also exhibited my work at Worksworth Town Hall, during a Railway event as well as during a promotion evening at Abbot Betne Sixth form,where I was asked to take a range of images for the Head for use in her talks about what we offer for students to future students.

I am currently voluntering as a teaching assistant at the sixth form in photography to help students with all aspects of photography, from organising equipment, setting up and shooting. Through to the editing process, printing and mounting work for exhibitions as well as creating a portfolio.





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